Signs - Buildings 4mm
Laser engraved building signs
Laser Engraved Building Sign
Laser engraved building sign
Laser cut & Engraved Sign

Signs - Buildings 4mm

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 In a world full of signs you won't be surprised to know that we can laser cut and engrave a huge range of materials suitable for layouts, control panels and signage around the workshop, home and any other area you can think of.

We provide 2 signs in each pack.


For these 4mm building signs they can be made to your required size and for this product we work to a length between 50mm & 100mm  and heights from 5mm & 15mm

  • At 4mm scale 50mm length will give you the (actual size) 12.5 ft sign
  • At 4mm scale 15mm height will give you the (actual size) 3ft 9" sign


We use a few types of material types for this product.

  • 1mm thick MDF - the laser etches the area around the lettering leaving the lettering bold (this is unpainted, so a steady hand is required to pick out the lettering at this scale
  • 0.2mm Laserfoil Laminate - this flexible product is self adhesive, on this product the laser etches away the outer colour and leaves the backing colour. So a Green/Black combination will give a Green finish with Black lettering
  • 0.6mm Laminate - this product is slightly thicker and not self adhesive it uses the same basis of removing the outer colour leaving the base colour so a White/Black combination will leave a white sign with black writing.


Surface Colour Letter Colour
Green White
Blue White
White Black
Black White

As a standard we use Gill Sans Font, however we can do most styles on request.

To Order

Please use the text box on the product page (which looks like the example below) Add your text and size requirements.  If you have any doubts please contact us.


As this item is personalised it can sometimes take between 3-5 days to deliver