Completed Model - Engine Shed based on Helston Engine Shed - 0 gauge (7mm)

  • £135.00

This is a one off 0 gauge completed build of the Engine Shed at Helston in Cornwall

It was built of stone construction in 1887 and lasted in service until the branch closure in 1963.

The kit is of laser cut MDF surfaced as appropriate with stone faced plasticard.  It was the original shop display model and has been painted to reflect the grey stone area and GWR stone 3 paintwork.  The roof is fully tiled, with gutters and drainpipes.  The doors are finished but not fitted to allow purchaser to choose the position.

Footprint of the shed is 320mm x 180mm apex height is 200mm. There is a side office restroom measuring 100mm x 80mm

 Postage & Packing included in price