Rail Model

"we aim to provide service with integrity"

We welcome your questions if you can't find the answers from here please contact us and we will help.

1. Do you charge delivery?

We have included delivery and packaging in the product price, we believe this is the easiest method.

2. What happens if I'm missing a part, or break a part?

Our aim is to provide a quality kit at a good price that will look outstanding on your layout or diorama.

With so many small parts sometime parts can go missing during the cutting process or during your build process, as long as we have the records of providing the kit we will provide a first time free of charge replacement. (we will charge a small fee for any second time replacement of a part)

3. I have a part or product I have designed do you offer a laser cutting service?

Yes we can cut or engrave a whole range of items and we now have access to larger bed lasers so are able to offer the service for larger scales.  You can provide those designs in electronic format or on paper.  

4. I am part of a group or society or I am considering buying a number of models over the value of £50, do you have a discount structure.

If you are part of a group or society please contact us as we can offer a discount code that can be used with your members. 

Equally if you are an individual buying a number of items over the stated value please speak to us and we will look to offer discounts were we can.

5. I have an idea that could enhance or improve your business or products?

Yes please speak to us we actively encourage feedback

6. Do you ship outside of the UK?

Yes we can, we try to avoid charging extra on postage, but sometimes we may have to charge international shipping, which will vary depending on the size and destination of the shipment.

7. Do you hold stock?

We hold some stocks, but most of our products are made at the time of order.  Kit orders are generally made and despatched with a 24/48 hour time frame.If it is later for any reason we will let you know