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Guide to painting wooden kits


A good starting point is a spray with an acrylic primer. Use a red oxide for brickwork, white for woodwork and grey for other parts.

There after almost any paint can be used, acrylic, enamel or household emulsion (tester pots are good source from DIY stores)

 Windows & Doors

Windows are usually supplied in two halves, with a piece of film sandwiched between for the glass (although 4mm kits are slightly different) The lighter sides go back to back.

Its a good idea to fully paint the windows before assembly.

Using a spray can or airbrush will cause the windows to fly off never to be seen again! so stick then gently, lighter side down, onto a piece of masking paper stuck to a board.  Spray them with the white acrylic primer and let dry.

Apply further coats of your chosen colour as required.  Off white and dirty cream look good for most situations.

Don't use pure white as it looks wrong on a scale model because it is too bright.

Glazed doors are treated in the same way.


The following method works very well and looks realistic, fill in any wall joints and scribe any continuous brick courses.

Mask off other parts and spray the brickwork with an red oxide acrylic primer and let dry.

If any of the bricks are intended to be blue engineering brick then paint them now with a dark blur/grey colour.

Mix a little runny powder filler with water and tint it light grey, or to your preferred mortar colour.  Rub this into the bricks with water and tint a light grey, or to your preferred mortar colour.

Rub this into the bricks and immediately clean it off the face of the bricks.  This will tone down the red oxide nicely and looks very good.


For an even better effect, pick out random bricks with different coloured pencils in orange/pink/red/dark brown to achieve the variety so common in the real thing.

 Roof Sections

Spray the roof with any acrylic primer before tiling with the paper strips from the kit (but available individually)

Once tiled you can either spray with a darker grey primer, as with the brick use a tinge of blue/green to give a subtle variation of coloured tiles. 

Plastic Parts

These, for example gutters and downpipes can be painted with an acrylic primer and over painted with acrylic or enanmel paints.


Handrails etc can be sprayed with primer and painted, but look good when they are chemically blackened before fitting


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